ITIS “Leonardo da Vinci” in Pisa

Located near the ancient city walls just behind the leaning tower of Pisa, ITIS “Leonardo da Vinci”  is placed in  an area of 43.000 m2,  9.000 of which are occupied by buildings for classrooms, laboratories, workshops,  gymnasiums,  surrounded by green spaces. The school is attended by 730 students and it has around 110 personnel as teachers and administrative employees.
The institute was founded in 1871 as a "technical industrial school" for  initiative of the town of Pisa. In 1886 the school was divided into industrial and technical school. In 1915 it became the "Royal Industrial School of Second Degree." In 1924, it became the "Royal School of Training" and finally in 1926 it was reordered like “Royal Industrial Technical Institute” and assumed the structure that still maintains.

In our school   the students can choose among five specializations which are:
•     Aircraft Constructions 
•     Chemistry and Environmental Biotechnologies
•     Electronics and Electrotechnics
•     Information Technology and Telecommunications
•     Mechanics

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